Posted on May 15, 2013 by Seb Madgwick

I’ve been working with inertial sensors for several year now and it seems I am endlessly marking XYZ axis on objects to keep track of sensor alignment and relative orientations. To make things easier, I designed a book of XYZ stickers and they just arrived in the post today! Each page contains 6 stickers, one for each orientation of the axes. The axes follow the right-hand rule and the common ‘RGB = XYZ’ colour convention where: Red is X, Green is Y and Z is Blue.

The stickers were designed in PowerPoint and uploaded to to layout the sticker book. They will print a book or 15 pages for £4.29. Unfortunately it is not possible to share my design on moo but I have uploaded all the source files to GitHub so others can recreate the sticker book with moo. The photos below show the sticker books and my first use; labelling the axis of 9 x-BIMUs mounted on a calibration cube.