Third generation IMU for real-time wireless and data logging applications

The x-IMU3 is a high-performance, multi-purpose IMU designed to accommodate a wide range of data logging and real-time applications including biomechanics, motion-capture, virtual reality, drones, robotics, and industrial. USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide connectivity for mobile and desktop devices while serial communication supports embedded and industrial systems. An on-board microSD card allows the x-IMU3 to function as a stand-alone data logger with the ability to download files by USB and Wi-Fi.

High-Performance IMU

The on-board AHRS sensor fusion algorithm combines a 2000°/s gyroscope, 24 g accelerometer, and magnetometer to provide individual sensor measurements alongside measurements of orientation and accelerations relative to the Earth at 400 Hz. An additional 200 g accelerometer provides high-frequency acceleration measurements at 1600 Hz.

IP67 Water-Resistant

The housing is rated IP67 against the ingress of solid particles and water. This means that the x-IMU3 can be used outdoors in all weather conditions and that it will survive accidental or temporary submersion in water. The x-IMU3 should not be used in underwater applications.

Stream by USB, Serial, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth

Measurements can be streamed in real-time through multiple interfaces. USB provides a convenient wired connection for most operating systems. A configurable serial interface offers additional compatibility with embedded and industrial systems. Wireless connectivity is supported by dual-band Wi-Fi for high-performance applications, and Bluetooth for mobile.

Self-Contained Data Logger

In addition to its real-time streaming capabilities, the x-IMU3 can function as a stand-alone data logger with a battery life of up to 20 hours. The on-board 8 GB microSD provides hundreds of hours of storage. Files can be downloaded by USB or Wi-Fi, and converted to CSV for use with applications such as Excel, MATLAB, and Python.

External Inputs

Serial accessories such as analogue inputs and GPS can be connected using a USB-C serial adapter to stream and log external inputs alongside x-IMU3 measurements. This interface can also be used to integrate custom user electronics for application-specific inputs such as buttons, joysticks, and biomedical sensors.

Reliable Accuracy

Each sensor is calibrated using a 15-parameter model to account for axis sensitivity, axis offset, inter-axis misalignment, and package misalignment. Every x-IMU3 is supplied with a calibration certificate verifying the accuracy over the measurement range.

Open Source Software

The x-IMU3 software is free and open-source. The cross-platform GUI can be used to view real-time measurements from multiple devices as graphs or 3D visualisations, and log streamed data to CSV for use with applications such as Excel, MATLAB, and Python. User software development and integration is supported by APIs and examples for Rust, C, C++, C#, and Python.

Wireless Synchronisation

The x-IMU3 is the highest performance wireless IMU available, capable of streaming measurements of 18+ IMUs at 400 Hz. Measurement timestamps are synchronised automatically over the wireless network. Synchronisation with third-party equipment is support by the BNC input of the synchronisation serial accessory.


Gyroscope Range:
Sample rate:
400 Hz
Accelerometer Range:
Sample rate:
24 g
400 Hz
Magnetometer Range:
Sample rate:
1300 uT
20 Hz
0.3 uT
Accelerometer High-g Range:
Sample rate:
200 g
1600 Hz
Temperature The temperature sensor is used for calibration and is not intended to provide an accurate measurement of ambient temperature.

AHRS Algorithm

Outputs Quaternion, rotation matrix, Euler angles, linear acceleration, Earth acceleration
Update Rate 400 Hz
Advanced Features Gyroscope offset correction, linear acceleration rejection, magnetic distortion rejection
Static Accuracy (Inclination) 0.5° RMS
Static Accuracy (Heading) 1° RMS


USB CDC (no drivers required)
Serial 3.3 V UART
Bluetooth* SPP


Mode AP, Client
Band 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Security WPA/WPA2-Personal

Data Logging

Capacity 8 GB (485 hours with default settings)
USB Download Yes
Wi-Fi Download* Yes


Type Non-removable
Charging USB
Battery Life Data logging:
Wi-Fi Client 2.4 GHz:
Wi-Fi Client 5 GHz:
20 hours
15 hours
12 hours
8 hours

* Bluetooth and Wi-Fi download features are currently in development and not yet supported.


£300 *

x-IMU3 with USB-C cable for charging and data. Includes a calibration certificate verifying the accuracy over the measurement range.

 Ready to Ship

x-IMU3 Strap

£10 *

Elasticated straps available in three sizes for mounting the x-IMU3 on any part of the body.

  • Small: 15 to 40 cm circumference for ankles, wrists, and arms
  • Medium: 25 to 60 cm circumference for legs and head
  • Large: 50 to 140 cm circumference for waist and chest
 Ready to Ship

x-IMU3 Wireless Kit

From £1925 *

Preconfigured high-performance Wi-Fi router, USB charging hub, Peli™ carry case, and selected quantity of x-IMU3s. Does not include x-IMU3 straps. The x-IMU3 is compatible with any third-party Wi-Fi router. This wireless kit is optional and only provided for convenience.

 Ready to Ship

x-IMU3 Board

£290 *

x-IMU3 board only. This is only recommended for advanced users. Includes a calibration certificate verifying the accuracy over the measurement range.

 Ready to Ship
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