Low-power, small form factor IMU compatible with XBee communication modules

The x-BIMU is a compact IMU and AHRS device designed to interface to XBee wireless communication modules from Digi Intentional.  The x-BIMU is optimised for 802.15.4 and Bluetooth but modules are also available for ZigBee, 868/900 MHz, Wi-Fi, and cellular.  On-board sensors and algorithms provide individual sensor data along side a drift-free measurement of orientation relative to the Earth.  All data is streamed in real-time through the attached XBee module.

Retired Product

The x-BIMU is a retired product and is no longer available to purchase. The recommended replacement is the x-IMU3.

Complete IMU and AHRS Device

The on-board AHRS algorithm combines gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer data for a drift-free measurement of orientation relative to the Earth. Each x-BIMU is individually calibrated during production to characterise the sensitivity and bias of each sensor axis, and fixed magnetic distortions of the device.

Real-time measurement data is streamed to the attached XBee module as serial in either ASCII or binary format.  Send rates, algorithm settings, and other features can all be adjusted in the device settings.

Designed for Wearables

It’s compact and light-weight design make the x-BIMU ideal for motion capture and activity monitoring applications. When combined with a XBee Bluetooth module, the x-BIMU can stream directly to a smart phone for mobile logging, processing, and forwarding of data.

A low-latency motion triggered wake up feature allows the x-BIMU to extend battery life by entering a low power state during periods of inactivity. The device can wake up when activity is detected and begin streaming with no loss of motion measurement data.

Synchronised Wireless Data from up to 12 IMUs

When combined with an XBee 802.15.4 module, each x-BIMU can be assigned a dedicated wireless channel and XStick USB dongle.  This allows up to 12 x-BIMUs to simultaneously stream sensor data at 256 Hz.  The low-latency design and use of dedicated channels means that data is naturally synchronised at the time of arrival.  Example synchronised data is included in the x-BIMU Logger repository.

Serial Breakout

The x-BIMU Serial Breakout is available for applications that require a chassis mounted IMU with a wired communication interface.  The board features a 6-pin header is compatible with an FTDI USB adaptors.  This header is used to power the IMU from a 3.5 V to 5.5 V supply, and to provide access to the 3.3 V serial signals.  Compatibility with RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 requires additional hardware.


Gyroscope Range:
Sample rate:
256 Hz
Accelerometer Range:
Sample rate:
16 g
256 Hz
Magnetometer Range:
Sample rate:
4 G
160 Hz
Temperature The temperature sensor is used for calibration and is not intended to provide an accurate measurement of ambient temperature.

AHRS Algorithm

Outputs Quaternion
Update Rate 256 Hz


Serial 3.3 V UART
Wireless 802.15.4, Bluetooth


External Supply 3.5 to 5.5 V
Charging USB
Battery Life 5 hours


Board Only Size:
25 × 30 × 8 mm
5 g
With Housing Size:
38 × 30 × 22 mm
22 g

Retired Product

The x-BIMU is a retired product and is no longer available to purchase. The recommended replacement is the x-IMU3.