Posted on May 15, 2014 by x-io Technologies

Motion graphics and video artist Will Reardon at Polymath Design has been working on a number of exciting VJ projects connecting x-OSC with VDMX. In this video tutorial, Will demonstrates how simple it is to use a number of buttons, switches and sliders salvaged from his Dad’s garage to wirelessly manipulate VDMX visual parameters via x-OSC.

A couple of configuration points to note:

  • VDMX must be set to listen for OSC messages on x-OSCs remote port (8000 by default), which can be set in VDMX’s Preferences.
  • Each input sensor (6 sliders & 6 rotary pots in this case) can be connected to any slider, button, or other interface item in VDMX using the Interface Inspector.

Thanks very much to Will for putting together such an amazing video, we are looking forwards to finding out what he gets upto next. For more info on VDMX click here.