Posted on July 29, 2013 by Tom Mitchell

In the morning Seb and I will be up bright and early to fly to Stockholm for the Sound and Music Computing Conference, which this year will happen alongside the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference. The programme was recently published and looks superb!

We will be presenting a paper about x-OSC: a new device that we have been working on over the last year. The paper title goes some way to explain what it is: “x-OSC: A Versatile Wireless I/O Device For Creative/Music Applications“. We hope that x-OSC is really going to be of use to the computer music community, especially those interested in low latency, WiFi interfacing via Open Sound Control (OSC). So we are very excited to find out what people will make of it. The first batch of x-OSCs have just been sent out for testing and this evening we finished compiling a number of demos to take with us; we will be posting videos of these over the coming weeks. Our poster is available here, our paper here and the conference proceedings have now been published here.

My cousin, who used to live in Stockholm, helped me to compile this list of places to eat/vist while there. If you are also at SMC then we are looking forward to meeting you over the next few days.