Posted on December 19, 2012 by x-io Technologies

When x-io Technologies was founded in 2009 by Seb Madgwick and Balazs Janko, the company only had one product and a very basic website created using drupal.  The website consisted of about five pages and an uninspiring company logo thrown together in PowerPoint. Since then, the company has evolved, we developed many more products and been involved in countless client projects but throughout all this the website barely changed.  Anyone browsing the site could be forgiven for thinking that the company was inactive.  Something had to be done!

Earlier this year we asked Tizz Chapman to help create a new logo and new website.  He started on the logo, working to create a something that would encapsulate what x-io Technologies does whilst also meeting the practical requirements of working in colour, monochrome and black and white, as well as functioning as a software icon.  Tizz quickly created a basic form and then started to iterate through variations converging closer to a final design.


After several days of deliberation on whether the “i” should have a dot and if the hyphen should be used, we agreed on a final design and the logo looks great!  Tizz immediately got to work on the new WordPress website ready to go live for 2013.  We are really pleased with the new website and looking forward to keeping the site alive with frequent posts to share news on all the interesting projects we are working on as well as posting more open-source projects and resources.