Posted on July 20, 2013 by Seb Madgwick

Until recently I have been posting all videos of x-io products and projects on my personal YouTube channel and putting off creating a dedicated x-io YouTube channel for another day. Well, that day has arrived. I have just uploaded the first video to the official x-io Technologies YouTube channel!

To make the channel look extra official, I wanted to have an x-io ident; a small graphic or animation showing the company logo to appear in each video for continuity. Will Readon of polymath design had actually started helping me out with the several months ago but it has taken me until now to decide on the final design. The problem was that Will put together such an amazing preliminary design that I got completely carried away with the deign specification and we ended up creating a an epic animation better suited for the start of a Hollywood movie than 60 second YouTube video demoing electronics.

We eventually settled on a subtle design that I’m very pleased with. You can watch the evolution of of the design from the preliminary animation design to the final design in this