Posted on July 12, 2011 by x-io Technologies

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a customer with a project that really caught our attention.  Dr Tom Mitchell (senior Lecturer in Music Systems at UWE) and Imogen Heap (Grammy award winning musician) had already teamed up to create SoundGrasp using a 5DT glove to record and play samples during a performance.  They now wanted to incorporate x-IMUs to add whole new dimensions of control and debut the system at TED Global 2011. This was a project we had to be involved in.

After a few late nights in the lab, Tom and Seb Madgwick (of x-io Technologies) had the basic system up and running.  A week later and Tom’s expertise in music technology had evolved the system into a seamless interface between human motion and music production.  There was no doubt that Imogen’s performance was going to be something special. Check out the coverage by the BBC, New Scientist and CNET.