Posted on April 24, 2013 by Seb Madgwick

I am pleased to announce that x-io Technologies is now sponsoring FAUST Informatik at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. A few weeks ago, Hauke Schröder contacted x-io to tell us about the department’s on-going research into autonomous vehicle navigation and to ask about the potential to integrate one of our IMUs to their platform. Autonomous navigation and mapping is a field of research that I have always been interested in and had been involved in a previous project at the University of Reading. Hauke and I agreed that if I helped out with the sensors, he would share news of their developments and share open-sources resources so that others could learn from their work.

x-io has so far provided the team with two x-BIMUs and x-BIMU Serial Breakouts for use in their Carolo Cup v.2 platform. This is already a fantastic little robot platform, retro-fitted with a wide range of innovative sensors. The x-BIMU will interface to a main controller board via serial to provide real-time orientation information to extend their existing navigational and mapping algorithms.

Please check out their website, facebook and YouTube pages for more information. I look forward to sharing more news on their project developments in the future, hopefully with some videos to show their roots in action!