Posted on March 4, 2013 by Seb Madgwick

During my Ph.D I developed sensor fusion algorithms for kinematically redundant accelerometer arrays. Empirical investigations required data from ten separate triple-axis accelerometers to be logged with a high level of accuracy. There was no suitable equipment available for the task so I created the DAQ32. The DAQ32 and accompanying PC software function as a 32 channel oscilloscope and data logger. The PCB has header pins for 32 analogue input channels and a USB socket to connect to a PC. On-board dip switches allows the number of active channels to be selected, the throughput is then equal to 32.768 kHz divided by the number of active channels. The PC software allows individual channels to be displayed in real-time using Michael Bernstein’s oscilloscope library or logged to a comma-separated variable (CSV) file.

All DAQ32 resources are open-source and available on GitHub. The article covering my work on sensor fusion algorithms for kinematically redundant accelerometer arrays was published in the journal Elsevier Mechatronics. Since creating the DAQ32 I also create a general purpose Serial Oscilloscope for plotting numbers in any incoming serial data stream.