Can I measure position using an IMU?

IMUs do not provide a direct measurement of linear velocity or position. IMUs provide inertial sensor (gyroscope and accelerometer) measurements alongside a measurement of 3D orientation relative to the Earth’s surface, often expressed as the Euler angles roll, pitch, and yaw.

Our IMUs also include a magnetometer so that orientation is measured relative to magnetic north, and a sensor fusion algorithm to provide measurements of linear acceleration and earth acceleration. Earth acceleration is the second derivative of the IMU’s position in the Earth coordinate frame.

An IMU can be used to indirectly measure linear velocity and position in certain applications. However, this is only possible using specialised algorithms specific to the given application. For example, we have demonstrated how an IMU attached to a person’s foot can be used to precisely track the 3D position of the wearer; or how oscillatory motion such as the heave of an ocean buoy or the respiratory motion of a patient’s chest during a medical scan can be measured using an IMU.

It is important to understand that these demonstrations and algorithms are highly specialised and cannot be repurposed for generalised 3D tracking. Our IMUs are the ideal research tool for those wishing to develop tracking solutions using IMU technology. However, if you require an off-the-shelf, general-purpose, position tracking solution then you should consider alternative technologies such as GNSS or camera-based systems.

Do I need to calibrate the device?

Our IMUs do not require calibration by the end user. Each IMU is calibrated in our lab before shipping. The calibration process uses specialist equipment and algorithms to determine sensor characteristics unique to that device. Calibration parameters are then written to the device before verifying the final accuracy against a reference.

Recalibration is possible but not required. Our sensor fusion algorithm will handle the natural variations in sensor performance that occur as the device ages. If you are in doubt of the sensor performance or would like to request recalibration, then please contact us using the form below.

Do you provide calibration certificates?

Each x-IMU3 is supplied with a calibration certificate unique to that device. The calibration certificate details all calibration parameters, the calibration date, the ambient temperature and device temperature during calibration, and any equipment used during the calibration process. The certificate also includes graphs demonstrating the accuracy of the device over the measurement range.

Calibration certificates are provided as a PDF. There are three ways to access the calibration certificate for a device:

  1. Scan the QR code on the back of the device.
  2. Open the Calibration Certificate.html file stored on the device.
  3. Enter the device serial number on the calibration certificate web page.

Calibration certificates are not available for any of our older generation products, the x-IMU, x-BIMU, x-OSC, or NGIMU.

Do you have a local distributor?

We do not use local distributors but we ship worldwide. If you have any special requirements regarding shipping arrangements, currency / exchange rates, or payment terms then please contact us using the form below and we will assist.

What are the shipping options?

Orders are typically shipped within 24 hours of being received. Deliveries to the UK are shipped using a next day service.  International deliveries are shipped using a tracked and signed service.  The international shipping times are stated as:

  • Europe within three to five working days
  • Rest of World within five to seven working days

These shipping times are not guaranteed.  The price of shipping is fixed at £15 for order of less than £500, and £30 for orders equal or greater than £500.

International orders can also be shipped using FedEx’s International Priority service on request. The price of this service varies depending on the destination and the goods ordered.  Please contact us using the form below if you would like for your order to be shipped using this service.

Can I order by email?

Orders placed on our website are completed using a card payment or PayPal. If you do not wish to order on our website then you can instead place an order by email and make the payment through a bank transfer (CHAPS/BACS/international).

If you would like place an order this way then please contact us using the form below.  You will need to provide your complete invoice address, delivery address, and contact information.  We will respond with a proforma invoice.  Your order would then be dispatched once payment has been confirmed. We will also accept purchase orders from verified customers with agreed payment terms.

Will I be charged VAT or tax?

Orders placed on our website by customers in the UK will have VAT added automatically at 20%. International customers will not be charged VAT but may be charged import tax by their local tax authority once the goods arrive in the country.

UK charities eligible for zero or reduced rate VAT should place an order via email to provide evidence of charitable status and avoid having VAT added automatically to the order. If you would like place an order this way then please contact us using the form below.

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