Second generation IMU for real-time wireless and data logging applications

The Next Generation IMU (NGIMU) is a compact IMU and data acquisition platform that combines on-board sensors and data processing algorithms with a broad range of communication interfaces to create a versatile platform well suited to both real-time and data-logging applications.

Stream by USB, Serial, or Wi-Fi

Measurements can be streamed in real-time through multiple interfaces. USB provides a convenient wired connection for most operating systems. A configurable serial interface offers additional compatibility with embedded and industrial systems. Dual-band Wi-Fi provides high-performance wireless connectivity for desktop and mobile applications.

Self-Contained Data Logger

In addition to its real-time streaming capabilities, the NGIMU can function as a stand-alone data logger. The on-board microSD supports up to 32 GB for hundreds of hours of storage. A battery life of up to 12 hours and motion trigger wake up allow the NGIMU to be deployed for multiple days. Files can be downloaded by USB and converted to CSV for use with applications such as Excel, MATLAB, and Python.

Analogue and Serial Inputs

The analogue input interface provides 10 analogue input channels along with power for external sensors and signals. This can be used for force sensors and other analogue sensors. The auxiliary serial interface provides bi-direction communication, power, and general purpose digital I/O for external devices such as GPS modules. This interface can also be used for real-time control of user-designed devices for visual or haptic feedback.

Wireless Synchronisation

Wireless synchronisation means that the timestamps of all measurements are derived from a common clock. Wireless synchronisation can be achieved with any router. The Synchronised Network Kit is a preconfigured Wi-Fi router and USB charging hub. The NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager software application can be used to connect to multiple NGIMUs and log synchronised data to file for post-processing.

Open Source Software

The NGIMU software is free and open-source. The Windows GUI can be used to view real-time measurements as graphs or a 3D visualisation, and log streamed data to CSV for use with applications such as Excel, MATLAB, and Python. User software development and integration is supported by an open source C# API.

iSen Biomechanics

The NGIMU is a part of the iSen biomechanics toolkit produced by STT Systems. iSen is comprehensive solution for biomechanics applications, providing utilities for signal processing, event detection, report generation, real-time visualisations, and patient/athlete database management. Please check the iSen website for more information.


Gyroscope Range:
Sample rate:
400 Hz
Accelerometer Range:
Sample rate:
16 g
400 Hz
Magnetometer Range:
Sample rate:
1300 uT
20 Hz
0.3 uT
Pressure Range:
Sample rate:
300 to 1100 hPa
25 Hz
Humidity Range:
Sample rate:
0 to 100%
25 Hz
Temperature Temperature sensors are used for calibration and are not intended to provide an accurate measurement of ambient temperature.

AHRS Algorithm

Outputs Quaternion, rotation matrix, Euler angles, linear acceleration, Earth acceleration
Update rate 400 Hz
Static Accuracy (Pitch/Roll) 1° RMS
Static Accuracy (Heading) 2° RMS


USB CDC (no drivers required)
Serial 3.3 V UART

Data Logging

Memory microSD (up to 32 GB, not included)
USB Download Yes


External Supply 4.5 to 6 V
Charging USB or external supply
Battery Life 4 to 12 hours


Board Only Size:
50 × 33 × 8 mm
10 g
In Housing Size:
56 × 39 × 18 mm
46 g


£310.00 £250 *

NGIMU with USB cable for charging and data.

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£10.00 *

Elasticated strap for mounting the NGIMU on the ankles, wrists, and arms. Two or three straps can be combined to fit the larger circumference of the legs, waist, or chest.

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NGIMU Wireless Kit

£100.00 *

Preconfigured USB-powered wireless router and 6-way USB charging hub. The NGIMU is compatible with any third-party router. This wireless kit is optional and only provided for convenience.

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£280.00 £240 *

NGIMU board only. This is only recommended for advanced users.

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