x-OSC is a wireless I/O board that provides just about any software with access to 32 high-performance analogue/digital channels and on-board sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) via OSC messages over WiFi. There is no user programmable firmware and no software or drivers to install making x-OSC immediately compatible with any WiFi-enabled platform. All internal settings can be adjusted using any web browser.

I/O channels
16× analogue/digital inputs
16× digital/PWM outputs (up to 50 mA per channel)
13-bit ADC with 400 Hz update rate per channel
Up to 16-bit PWM resolution for 5 Hz to 250 kHz
Control up to 400 RGB LEDs (NeoPixel)
4× serial communication channels
On-board sensors
Gyroscope (±2000°/s), accelerometer (±16 g) and magnetometer
400 Hz update rate
High-performance WiFi (802.11b/g, 54 Mbps)
Supports ad-hoc and infrastructure networks
Fully configurable by web browser
Other features
Regulated 3.3 V output
Battery level monitor
Size: 45 × 32 × 10 mm


Price: £160.00 (ex. VAT)

x-OSC with USB Power Cable

Includes x-OSC and USB Power Cable

Price: £165.00 (ex. VAT)

x-OSC with Battery and Charger

Includes x-OSC, Battery and Charger

Price: £180.000 (ex. VAT)

x-OSC USB Power Cable

This is a USB cable for powering x-OSC directly from a laptop, USB charger or wall wart. The power cable is made of two parts: a USB to barrel jack, and a barrel jack to JST battery connector. The barrel jack can be used to power x-OSC from a 3.5 V to 5.5 V wall wart (centre pin positive).

USB socket power limit: x-OSC normally draws around 200 mA but additional devices connected to its outputs may increase this. Your computer may get upset if you try and draw more than 500 mA from its USB socket so if you need to more power, try instead powering x-OSC from a USB charger, wall wart or >battery.

Price: £5.00 (ex. VAT)

x-OSC Battery and Charger

This is a battery and charger kit for x-OSC. The parts are the 1000 mAh LiPo battery and USB LiPo Charger Basic from sparkfun but with a few of our own customisations. We've attached an extra cable to the charger so that the battery can be used while charging, wrapped the charger in heat-shrink to prevent accidental shorts and reinforced the battery cable with Sugru. We use these battery and chargers in all our own projects and found these customisations very useful.

If you need longer battery life then check out the 2000 mAh and 6000 mAh batteries from sparkfun, both are compatible with this charger.

x-OSC has on-board battery voltage measurement and automatically sends update messages via WiFi so you can monitor battery level with your OSC application.

Price: £20.00 (ex. VAT)