The x-IMU was designed to be the most versatile Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) platform available. Its host of on-board sensors, algorithms, configurable auxiliary port and real-time communication via USB, Bluetooth or UART make it both a powerful sensor and controller. The on-board SD card* , battery charger (via USB), real-time clock/calendar and motion trigger wake up also make the x-IMU an ideal standalone data logger.

The x-IMU GUI can be used to configure settings, view real-time sensor data, perform calibration and export data to user software; e.g. Microsoft Excel. The x-IMU MATLAB library provides all the tools required to import, organise and plot data in MATLAB. User software can be developed using the x-IMU API.

* SD-card, USB cable, Bluetooth dongle not included.

On-board sensors
Triple axis 16-bit gyroscope - Selectable range up to ±2000 °/s
Triple axis 12-bit accelerometer - Selectable range up to ±8 g
Triple axis 12-bit magnetometer - Selectable range up to ±8.1 G
12-bit battery voltage level
Factory calibrated
Temperature compensated (gyroscope only)
Selectable data rates up to 512 Hz
On-board algorithms
IMU and AHRS algorithms provide real-time measurement of orientation relative to the Earth
Internal states updated at 512 Hz
Algorithm ‘initialise’ and ‘tare’ commands can be sent in real-time
Complete sensor calibration algorithms for user maintenance
Auxiliary port
External power in from 3.6 V to 6.3 V
3.3 V power out up to 100 mA
Digital I/O mode – 8 channels, controlled via USB or Bluetooth
Analogue input mode – 8 channels, 12-bit resolution, 0 to 3.3 V
PWM output mode – 4 channels, 1 to 65,535 Hz, controlled via USB or Bluetooth
UART mode – 3.3 V, 2400 to 230.4k baud, substitutes Bluetooth
Power options
LiPo battery – On-board charging via USB
External source from 3.6 V to 6.3 V
Low power consumption – 50 mA to 150 mA dependent on settings and usage, 130 µA sleep mode
Low profile
Dimensions: 33 × 42 × 10 mm (57 × 38 × 21 mm with plastic housing and battery)
Weight: 12g (49 g with plastic housing and battery)
Other features
Motion triggered wake-up and sleep timer
Real-time clock and calendar
Configurable command button
Configurable 8 channel auxiliary port
Bluetooth – Class 1, 100m range, SPP
Micro SD card – Supports FAT16/32 and SDHC
UART (see auxiliary port mode)
View, edit and backup all internal x-IMU settings
Real-time 2D and 3D data graphics
Control panels for auxiliary port
Data logger and file converter for exporting data; e.g. to MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, etc.
Magnetic calibration tools
Firmware bootloader to access new features in future x-IMU firmware versions

x-IMU Board

Price: £249.00 (ex. VAT)
DISCONTINUED (Please see NGIMU as replacement)

x-IMU with Housing and Battery

Price: £309.00 (ex. VAT)
DISCONTINUED (Please see NGIMU as replacement)

x-IMU Housing

The x-IMU housing encloses the x-IMU and a 1000 mAh Lithium Polymer Ion battery while still providing access to the USB socket, SD card, command button and auxiliary port. The x-IMU's LED are visible through the translucent plastic. The compact design of the housing does not feature mounting brackets, instead the large flat underside was designed to be compatible with adhesive-based solutions such as the x-IMU Velcro Strap and x-IMU Dual Lock Strips.


  • Dimensions: 57 × 38 × 21 mm
  • Weight: 49 g (including x-IMU and battery)

Price: £50.00 (ex. VAT)
DISCONTINUED (Please see NGIMU as replacement)

x-IMU Velcro strap

The x-IMU Velcro Strap is a versatile and simple solution for users wishing to secure an x-IMU to the legs, arms or torso or human subject. The Velcro strap has hooks on one side and loops on the other enabling it to fasten around any circumference. The Velcro adhesive pads are of the same dimensions as the x-IMU Housing and can be be mounted at any point on the strap. The 1 m Velcro strap can be cut into two shorter lengths so that one pack can be used to secure two x-IMUs.

Pack includes

  • 1× Velcro strap (1 m × 50 mm)
  • 2× Velcro adhesive pads (50 mm × 35 mm)

Price: £5.00 (ex. VAT)
DISCONTINUED (Please see NGIMU as replacement)

x-IMU Dual Lock Strips

The x-IMU Dual Lock Strips are a versatile and lost-cost solution to secure an x-IMU to just about anything. The strips are one of the strongest 3M™ Dual Lock™ variants, SJ3560. They are highly durable enabling the x-IMU to be attached and detached hundreds of times.

Each strip is identical with a no-residue, pressure sensitive VHB™ adhesive on one side and the Dual Lock mushroom shaped stems on the other. The mushroom shapes mate to create a strong, almost rigid connection; ideal for securing an inertial sensor. The 50 mm × 25 mm area of each strip matches the profile of the x-IMU Housing to provide the maximum contact area. Each pack contains 2 strips.

Price: £2.00 (ex. VAT)
DISCONTINUED (Please see NGIMU as replacement)


The x-IMU RGB LEDs connect directly to the auxiliary port of the x-IMU and can be driven by three PWM signals to create any colour light. The module consists of a driver IC and three high brightness, defused lens RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs. The RGB channels are controlled by the auxiliary port channels AX0, AX2, and AX4 in either digital I/O mode or PWM output mode.

This module was originally created for use with prototype data gloves that incorporated the x-IMU to allow the host software to give real-time feedback to the user.

Price: £15.00 (ex. VAT)
DISCONTINUED (Please see NGIMU as replacement)