OSC-illoscope – Display analogue inputs with Processing

OSC-illoscope is a simple example to show how to interface to x-OSC using Processing. The sketch plots received analogue input values on up to 16 graphs in real-time. This application is a handy development tool for viewing the data provided by analogue sensors and peripherals. The demo video shows OSC-illoscope being used to plot data from a membrane potentiometer, light sensor, triple-axis accelerometer, piezo transducer, IR distance sensor, and a data glove incorporating 8 flex sensors.

The Processing sketch requires the oscP5 library to send and receive OSC messages. To use this library, copy the entire oscP5 directory (.zip available in theproject repository) into a directory named “libraries” in Processing Sketchbook location (see: File > Preferences > Sketchbook location). A tutorial for sending and receiving OSC messages in Processing is available on the codasign website.

Windows 7 Firewall: When running the processing application for the first time you will be prompted to grant network access to Java by Windows Firewall. Java must be given access Public access else network communication will not be possible. These permission can be modified any time through Control Panel > Windows Firewall > “Change settings”.

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