High-performance IMU with USB, Wi-Fi, serial, SD card logging

Next Generation IMU

The Next Generation IMU (NGIMU) is a compact IMU and data acquisition platform that combines on-board sensors and data processing algorithms with a broad range of communication interfaces to create a versatile platform well suited to both real-time and data-logging applications.

On-board sensors include a triple-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, as well a barometric pressure sensor and humidity sensor.  An on-board AHRS sensor fusion algorithm combines inertial and magnetic measurements to provide a drift-free measurement of orientation relative to the Earth.  Each device is individually calibrated using robotic equipment to achieve the specified accuracy.  Additional, external sensors, such as force or bend sensors, can be connected to the 8-channel analogue input interface.  Serial data sources, such as GPS modules, can be connected to the auxiliary serial interface.

Real-time communication is achieved via USB, Wi-Fi, or serial/RS-232. Data may also be logged to an on-board micro SD card. The NGIMU uses the popular OSC communication protocol and so is immediately compatible with many software applications and straight forward to integrate with custom applications with libraries available for most programming languages. The use of this protocol and the range of communication interfaces make the NGIMU compatible with just about any platform, from an Arduino to an i-phone.

On-Board Sensors
Gyroscope Range:
Sample Rate:
400 Hz
Accelerometer Range:
Sample Rate:
±16 g
490 μg
400 Hz
Magnetometer Range:
Sample Rate:
±1300 μT
~0.3 μT
~20 Hz
Barometric Pressure Range:
Sample Rate:
300 hPa to 1100 hPa
0.18 Pa
~25 Hz
Humidity Range:
Sample Rate:
0% to 100%
~25 Hz
Temperature There are 3 sensors to measure the temperature of the CPU, inertial sensors, and environmental sensors. The temperature sensors are not intended to provide an accurate measurement of ambient temperature.
AHRS Algorithm
Outputs Quaternion, Rotation Matrix, Euler Angles, Linear Acceleration, Earth Acceleration
Update Rate 400 Hz
Static Accuracy (Pitch/Roll) <1° RMS
Static Accuracy (Heading) <2° RMS
Analogue Inputs
Channels 8
Range 0 V to 3.1 V
Resolution 12-bit
Sample Rate 1 kHz
Auxiliary Serial Interface
Baud Rate All standard baud rates and arbitrary baud rates from 7 baud to 12 Mbaud
Hardware Flow Control None or RTS/CTS
Voltage 3.3 V (RS-232 tolerant)
Packet Framing Buffer Size, Timeout, Framing Character
Board only Size:
50 × 33 × 8 mm
10 g
Assembled with battery in housing Size:
56 × 39 × 18 mm
46 g

NGIMU with Housing and Battery

Fully calibrated and tested NGIMU board assembled with battery and plastic housing. Supplied with 10 cm USB cable for charging and communication.

Price: £310 (ex. VAT)

NGIMU Board Only

Fully calibrated and tested NGIMU board only.

Price: £280 (ex. VAT)

NGIMU Breakout Boards

Breakout boards to convert the NGIMU on-board connectors to 1/10" pitch annotated male headers suitable for breadboards.

1× Analogue inputs breakout board with 15 cm cable
2× Serial / Auxiliary serial interface breakout board with 15 cm cable.

Price: £TBC (Future Product) (ex. VAT)

NGIMU Body Strap

An elasticated strap with adjustable 'hooks & loops' fastening to comfortably wear an NGIMU on a wrist, upper arm, or ankle. Two or three straps can be combined to fit the larger circumference of a thigh, waist, or chest.

Price: £10 (ex. VAT)

NGIMU Synchronised Network Kit

Product information coming soon.

Price: £100 (ex. VAT)